The Great Mrs. Fortune Foundation 

Core Values 



We commit ourselves to seek the knowledge thats needed to help our communities and make good judgment when our communities members are in need.



We stand on being honest even when we know, it will cause us to become unpopular.



We take our ethics, morals, principles very important. 



We carry ourselves with the upmost respect along with others.



We hold each other accountable and we are accountable to our community families. 



We are loyal to helping those in need with no judgement. 



We handle working with our community families & our forgotten Sister and brothers carefully and with  persistent wo





Average individual in this world walks at least a total of 2.5 MI throughout a day’s time, whether it be to public transportation or to get into their own vehicle and and then back to their respective homes to complete the day. Within that time, each one of those individuals cross the pathways of at least 25 homeless brothers and sisters out in the world And don’t even notice that someone’s in need. I’ve never felt more honored to be a part of something as special as what the great mrs. Fortune foundation’s defeating hunger and poverty program showed to the community in Philadelphia.  there’s nothing like knowing that one simple mission of saving lives one day at a time can be so simple and pure. 





The Great Mrs Fortune Foundation – TGMFF has a caring, nurturing, uplifting impact on, not only the lives of the forgotten, but the community and youth of Kensington & North Philly. As a volunteer I couldn’t imagine how many less fortunate people were out in the streets without food, clothes, toiletries, medical aids. Until, Mrs Fortune thought of a way to provide them with nutrient packed food, water, clean clothes and PRAYER! TGMFF is a great experience that I would encourage others to take part in. Definitely the change you want to see.



One Fall afternoon in 2015, I was introduced to Ms. Fortune,  founder of I’m Still Standing; at our son’s football practice. From there we connected. Ms. Fortune is very involved with the community.  She gave out school supplies, Bookbags drives, set up food drives for the homeless,  women empowerment gatherings, etc. Ms. Fortune lives by her brand of being a strong presence in the community.  Being a part of I’m Still Standing has given me reassurance that there are organizations out here to genuinely care about you. I see I’m Still Standing expanding with greatness in the community. Sincerely, Ms. Chance