Executive Leadership (THE TEAM) 



As in any business/organization; there are always key individuals who make carrying the weight of the principle’s pursuit less stressful. The head of a body can see, think, hear, and speak along with numerous other function. However; our heads are only as strong and dependable as the rest of our structured body is built beneath it. Here is The Executive Leadership (The Team) of The Great Mrs. Fortune Foundation.




* Presently Obtaining Bachelor (Business Management/Psychology) 
* School – Job Corp Completed 1999 (Data Entry, Carpentry) 
* School – Completed 2000 Nursing (CNA)
* School – DPT Business 2000-2001 Graduated (Business and Accounting Analyst) 
* School – Completed 2002 Law Enforcement (License Code 235)
* School – Eastern University  2002  Associates (Business Administration) 
* School – Strayer University 2014 to present Bachelors (Business Management & minor psychology 

Career :
* Founder Non-Profit The Great Mrs.Fortune Foundation 
* Owner & Operator of Fortunate Empire LLC 
* Arthur Of Time 2 Unify

 Community Servant: 
* Second Mennonite 2011-2012 (Women In mission member) 
* Young Adult Youth Leader – Crossroad Community Center 3 years 
* Fair hill School – Community Spokeswomen (3 years) 
* President  Of Queens Sisterhood Society (Empowering Women To Be Great) 
* Headed the Hattie Relief Drive in the community 
* Partner with Fair-hill School  (Less Fortunate) Thanksgiving Turkey Drive & coat drive. 


Kato Fortune (Youth Spokesman)


Charter Achievement House ( High School ) 
* Financial Strategy 5 Week Workshop 
* Business Ethnic Workshop 


Part Owner of ” Fortunate Empire”  Apparel  Shop 
Clothing line ” Beast Unchained ” 


Extra Curriculum Activities:
* Soccer 2010-2011 Felton 
* Basket Team 2011 -2012 Fair-hill 
* Basket Team 2012-2012 Potter Thomas
* MCC Volunteer 2009-2013 
* Martial Art 2014 
* Football 2015  Bull Dogs 
*  Boxing 2016 to Present  

Community Servant: 
* Volunteer -Crossroad Community Center 
* Volunteer _ The Great Mrs.Fortune Foundation 
* Youth Spokesman For TGMFF


Ernestine Tucker

(Member of Second Mennonite Church)

* Associates Degree (Accounting)

* IRS Account Specialist (32 years) 
* Owner & Operator (Flowers By Tucker)

Community Servant: 
* Original Board Member of the (Mennonite High School)
* Cross Roads Community Board Member 
* Member of Queens Sisterhood Society 
* Youth Cooking instruction

Roslyn Hartman 

(Banquet Committee President & Choir Lead for Genesis Baptist Church

*Industrial Center (Graduate 2013-Honors)  
* Presently Obtaining Bachelor Business Human Resource

* Currently – School District Of Philadelphia 
* After School Program  5 years 

Community Savant 
* Health Community Advocate 
* Defeating Hunger & Poverty Advocate  Through ( TGMFF ) 
* Health Workshop 

* Community Building Through Charitable Work 





The Great Mrs. Fortune Foundation 501(c) (3) Non-Profit
# 27-502 6406

Mailing Address
 93 Old York Road STE 1 #536 Jenkintown, Pa 19046

Dreams Becoming Reality
This was exactly the moment that my Dreams (my Vision) came to life. Seeing everything in black & white will change everyones perspective; the moment you have it all on legal, binding, contract formed stationary, along with the State seal of approval. 

But it’s not about just these small facts that make what The Great Mrs. Fortune Foundation so important. We have a passion for servicing our communities of the Tri-State and abroad, by encouraging others to regain a hold of their Faith, and know that there is a beacon of light at the end of the darkness for all of Us!