Fruit of The Spirit

1 – Love     2 – Joy   3 – Peace
4 – Patience 5 – Kindness  6 – Goodness
7 – Faithfulness  8 – Gentleness  9 – Self-control

Today let’s talk about these essential gifts, intimately known as the Fruit of The Spirit:                           Love is the greatest !! Love is something that can’t be explained in words really, its a feels that feels like no other. How can we experience that type of feeling for ourselves and for someone else? Well… Love is first shown by our parents or guardians ! Love is felt through knowing that a particular person has your best interest in mind at all time, love allows us to be honesty, humble, compassionate, given, helpful, respectful, loyal, happiness , first to ourselves & then to others.                                                 Joy is definitely one of the spirits that we have to keep at all times, especially because we go through different obstacles every day of our lives. When Joy is in our hearts it gives us a since of comfort that everything will be okay.                                                                                                                                                                               Peace, well… Peace is a state of mind that keeps us free from hate within, we can feel trapped inside of our own mindset if we can’t find peace within ourselves. I don’t believe that individuals want to walk around full of hate or hurt, I believe that individuals just don’t know how to let somethings go. Believe me Peace will make you feel good from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet… Patience allows us to understand and keep a open mindset even when we don’t understand. Patience is also one of the spirits that we pray for and then we are tested on, I remember growing up the saying was patience is a virtue. I definitely understand now that I’m grow that patience can be a pain sometime but it’s necessary.                                                                                                                                                              Kindness, brings compassion for others and what they have been through, but it brings us a since of happiness within ourselves as well. When we can go out and help others for no grain but to care about someone else’s well being thats the Ultimate act of kindness.                                                               Goodness is in all of us near and far, weather we choose to show it, it’s there. Goodness allows us to understand why we should be thankful for all we have and not worry about what we don’t have. Take some time and understand what’s inside of you.                                                                                        Faithfulness  Faith without works is dead!!!  Next:                                                                                               Gentleness we all know that gentleness is needed for many different reasons. One main reasons come to mind which is sometime individuals just need a smile or a hug, someone to just hold their hand. We all go through up’s & downs and we all wish someone could be there for us in that time.  Self- Control – self control shows who we are inside believe it or not! I know what you are thinking, I’m not going to let anybody do anything to me and think it’s ok ….. I totally agree but self control allows us to think before we act in ever situation. It took me sometime to understand it’s more then one way to handle things or as my grandma use to say ( It’s more than one way to skin a cat ). I did not understand that for a long time but know I do… Our integrity plays a very big part with understanding self-control. We can do bad by ourselves we never need someone else help, so when individuals are pissing you off or just thinking it’s ok to try and play you. Don’t jump to fast think before making a move. By the way, make the right move. It takes one second to make the wrong decision. If only we all took direct focus on how fundamental the Fruit of The Spirit can be.