Implodeby J. R. Perez

The Bible clearly states in Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. The statement is extremely clear and true in every sense of the letter. However; the setback in re-establishing this highly successful form of cultural and moral ethics would be hurdling the roadblocks produced by those seeking excessive profits for personal gain. Now, as a word illustrator who expresses himself literally through personal theories, songs, or just taking the opportunity to speak my mind when needed; I understand that all of these areas and many other avenues of individualistic profession are technically considered a business to be respected fundamentally and financially. Therefore, I have no intentions of crucifying anyone’s field of choice as I venture forward into this subject. My concern is based off merely a simplistic question – when did this era of nonchalance occur throughout history; for a Sensei to lose the passion of performing what they’ve practiced for the hope to bare flawlessly in the progress of their students? If the question is eluding anyone’s mind by chance, give me a moment to explain.

Thomas grew up around a family of money making hustlers and learned hands on at an early age just how rough everyday struggles can really become. His family was like many others, who unfortunately travel amongst the thin lines of poverty. With a household count past the range of 4-7 members, starving was never an option when push came to shove them. Thomas became a certified chef. How did he manage?

Nikki grew up in a single parent household, numerous siblings scattered throughout the states, a father well known by many more than he truly knew himself, and a mother who held her principles of God, family, sacrifice, hard work, and morals as a standard. She had a vision early on of the person that her spiritual Father gave her to be, but her mind’s perception painted it out be totally opposite of the vision’s path. Nikki learned the struggles of parenthood early on; when she found herself blessed with four children of her own and continued her education along the way. She also found herself blessed to start her own business without a dime. How did she manage?

Just because we feel the need to take our eyes off of the path, does not mean that we have to completely walk away from the line of those who continue to stay on track. Failure to remember the more important lessons that cannot be mastered on a piece of paper, or scored by an individual who has endured the same roadblocks most of us are still encountering; becomes a blame weighted by decisions that modern day scholars or any single person should not be held accountable for. We only continue down the roads we choose by our free will of choice. That’s how we Implode!

I say these things because many of us tend to find the weight of our traveling bags extremely overbearing; failing to consider all of the items we’ve accumulated and barely recognizing their existing purpose in our lives. The proverbial pipe-bomb to that statement would be when most of the items alone are actual LIVES in which we selfishly neglect! For those who totally fit the mold of that statement – once we travel across the bridge of “It’s Not Just Me” in life, our stories make a long pitstop in a alleyway called responsibility. Therefore, getting back on track should prove to a be more strategic challenge than it was initially.

For those who are just experiencing how it truly feels to finally get their feet wet in survival’s jungle; you do not have to know me and it doesn’t matter if you personally like me or not either. Just remember to take these words scripted in precision very seriously; as I attempt to sincerely say to you that packing light and following your heart’s guidance (NOT DESIRES) is the best tip that anyone can give you. Everyone in this world was not raised the same (TRUE); every household did not have the same decor and settings (TRUE); just as every family didn’t have two parents at home (TRUE); just as many of us did not even have one of our parents (ALSO TRUE) to show us who we are.

There is a word that explains exactly what we all have in common; worth throwing out into the end of this editorial and I rely on the hope that everyone will take the time to understand. That word is discernment There should be no individual living and breathing who doesn’t recognize the difference between what right and wrong are and how to lean on exercising their greatest heartfelt principles when making any proper decisions. We need to strongly utilize this word more today and hopefully hold on to the importance of it for tomorrow, before the world around us as we know it indefinitely finishes to Implode. Your tomorrow depends on it.

God Bless You All…