The Great Mrs. Fortune Foundation



Founded:  MARCH, 2016

Empowering Every  First Saturday  &  Last Saturday of  each month. 

All Nationalities -All Walks of Life; King’s Building Together 



The Mission

To empower men & young men to continue their education; while being inspired and inspiring each other through staying positive as we help build our communities through Acts of kindness.  Accomplishing our success through uplifting, motivating, educating and serving our communities.  Without wanting anything in return!! 


King’s Brotherhood Goals: 


  • Inspiring Each Other
  • Empowering Each Other 
  • Working In  Unity 
  • Helping Our Communities grow positively 
  • Learning & Understanding what it means to have integrity 
  • Working hand & hand to build with each other 
  • Learning Self-Worth 
  • Educating Ourselves through Working in the community 
  • Build  Confidence 
  • Build Self-Esteem 
  • Create Short & Longterm, Life Time Goals 


Personal Empowerment: 


  • Be in control of your circumstances 
  • Learn & Understand that you are not perfect  
  • Keep encouraging and motivate individuals all around 
  • Learn to forgive yourself 
  • Achieve your goals in your personal and professional life. 
  • Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. 
  • Continue to grow inner-personally and maintain a sense of happiness 
  • Self Awareness 
  • Values 
  • Skills 
  • Knowledgeable Information  



Self Empowerment Speaking:


  • Speak positivity into yourself 
  • Encourage yourself on a daily basis 
  • Speak Life 
  • Accept yourself 
  • Love yourself 
  • Gain your own  trust.
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem



Self Empowerment Goals:


  • Knowing what you want 
  • Writing your plan out 
  • Researching 
  • Moving towards your goals instead of being stagnated 
  • Finally going after what you want 
  • Becoming Self-Sufficient 
  • Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. 
  • Acquire knowledge 
  • Maintaining positively through life struggles    
  • Positive thinking 
  • Positive activities 
  • Giving back to your community 


King’s Brotherhood 

 In The Beginning…

 Okay guys, I know that it’s a stretch to go way back in order to make my point for this introduction into our current functions in existence as we know it; however it was always said out of my mouth that there’s a method to my madness. So do not be misconstrued as to the term “In The Beginning”, when sometimes you have to take a thorough observation into who we have been and what we look forward to becoming. Some would say that many of our lives are convoluted within a checkered past; with no signs of hope bearing any signs to the pure fruit of our awakenings. I am also sure that some of you still tend to encounter that sense of hopelessness, during life’s most precariously, ironic, inopportune moments. To attempt to say that we don’t suffer from these forks or bumps in the road and we’re just comfortable being exactly who we are, would officially make us a nation of the worlds most pathetically, irrational, and dysfunctional liars; even worse I could say that we would have betrayed the one thing a man longs to earn and own the most.., his “Manhood.” Now I of all individuals do not say these things to discourage any man from finishing to read the opening of this new chapter to our fresh and new beginning together. I say this because deep down inside we all wake up, praying that today turns out better than yesterday; only to walk out of our front doors of the place we lay our heads and come face to face with roadblocks, proverbial forks, relationship and family issues, strong barriers of animosity, regret, emotional impotence, failure, rage, plus many other traits that need not to be added to the list just yet. The struggles we face as we continue along this journey through the battlefield, tend to develop within us as M.I.T. (Men In Training) that loss of commitment. But remember my brothers, the words that you’re reading so far are dedicated to our lives – In The Beginning…


Moving Forward…


Today’s man is considered a man that views what he has presently on his plate, to be on the typical functionality of our daily purpose. For those who are struggling to understand what I meant in that statement, what it means is most of us had accepted our limitations. We have settled for what has been taught to us as if there is no change in sight. To be quite frank about it, many of the guys we know live by the misunderstood phrase “It Is What It Is”, as if the phrase meant that we could not move any further than where we already have been. This is the same reason why most of those men in training lack the passion to seek out higher education, but choose to use the excuse of needing to be able to make some quick cash, or lay the blame on how necessary their presence is demanded for the sake of playing house with a woman and father to a child; and better yet the desire to take on numerous bills needing to be paid. But lets look at this catacomb of possible reasons in contrast for a moment. Anything that we desire in this world comes with a price tag on it, whether it is a house , apartment, vehicle, clothes etc.. Any woman (whether she is aware of her value or not) is a woman that will not go through life with any man without some preconceived expectation from him, which also means you will have to provide for her as well if you plan to make the woman one of those priorities on your plate. If You just so happen to go beyond in such a relationship where you find yourself placed in the position of parenthood, the dreams of a savings account just became even harder. Without a GOOD job to catapult you back into the dream of a comfort zone, your foundation will collapse and without a proper education; any thoughts of achieving them will as well. 


As a man, I know good and well that one of our greatest foes in life would be our ego. Sometimes we need to be shaken up to realize that we do not have to be subjected to limitations. We do not have to go rogue. We do not have to turn ourselves away from those who wish to encourage us to go further. We do not have to refuse the acknowledgment that it is too hard to walk this alone, or that We Do Need Help! We here at The King’s Brotherhood Mission have a primary objective to our brothers out there who are truly willing to move forward, therefore we invite you to come join along with us on the crusade to build each other up and strengthen the rest of our willing brothers abroad. Royalty is not just about the significant colors you wear, or what you possess in this life to show for; but about what you have within yourself to share with the rest of your brethren in faith and help to show them the right way.


J.R. Perez  (President of King’s Brotherhood) 

Kato Fortune ( Youth President Of King’s Brotherhood )