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 Community Engagements


To impact our communities through providing our families with the  necessary items and knowledge that will be needed to move forward positively and successfully.


To bring back the understanding that unity in our community breaks down barriers that causes miscommunication between families & organizations that are in place to provide a helping hand.


The Great Mrs. Fortune Foundation does hold plenty of clarity when our readers and supporters take note of what moves us, but the proof of our standards lays on the focus of our vision. The work that our volunteer staff makes the effort to accomplish cannot be done by just one organization, but a collection of many likeminded individuals carrying the same passion the move the mission & vision through.

That’s why you will find snippet photos of various organizations; of whom we support and they in return to our life’s purpose here on our website. We appreciate all of you who help us to help those, who truly find it hard in life to help themselves. Welcome to The Great Mrs. Fortune Foundation’s Unified Projects & Activities page.


North Philly Peace Park Community Garden Project (June 24, 2017) Highlights


 Triple “E” Outreach Event

{Engagement – Empowerment – Enlightenment}

Fairhill Square Park


Many individuals go to sleep at night in the confines of their homes; children are tucked away safely and everyone is healthy from the vast amounts of sustenance provided. Do they make a plate for the woman with her child living in the local schoolyard? Many see the man asking to make a couple of dollars as a drug addict; though they disregard the fact that he takes his daily earnings with him to buy the cheapest items available to eat and goes to sleep on the closest bus stop  until someone chases him off. Does anyone offer him a change of clothes or hygienics? Many say that they would like to help make a change in their communities and help those in need.

If you’re not in the position to do it yourself, just take the time to volunteer or make a donation to our Unified Projects & Activities Community Engagements like our Triple E Event held at Fairhill Square Park. Mere words cannot define or express how participating in helping others serves anyone’s spirit, so here are just a few examples…









The Fortunate Reach-Out Initiative Program




To Work with other Great Corporations & Organizations along with our Community at large , to rebuild our city through charitable works. 



To make a significant difference in our community by team work, standing up for what’s right, doing what’s right as well ourselves, and never giving up on each other. Realizing that unity, respect, education, along with integrity to spark the spirit of initiative into our community. 


The measure of one’s #Faith is determined by the steps that We are willing to take in the process.#LetsReachOut


 Workforce / Welfare to work 

Community Service (Probation & Parolees) 

Community Service (Youth Services) 


Unified Projects & Activities

 Community Engagements