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#Queens Sisterhood Society

#The Princesse’s Reading Book Club

#The Princesse’s Empowerment Sessions
Queens Sisterhood Society Founded:  January 1, 2015
Meetings & Group Sessions
First Saturday and Last Saturday’s of  each month. 
All Nationalities – All Walks of Life Sisters Building Sisters, aka Queens.


One of my main goals as the Founder;  is to work with my sisters, instead of working against my sisters regardless of my sisters walk of life. It’s very important; that we as women try to understand, that we are stronger together than against one another.
We are so intelligent! We have so much to offer ourselves and each other. YES – we all have made mistakes, which means it’s no reason to judge each other. We are beautiful and unique, so that’s what makes us one of a kind. We all have Gifts and talents that we can share and build on.


At the Queens Sisterhood Society we can learn from each other, grow with each other, encourage each other, pray for each other, respect each other, and accept each other as one. We can make it if we try something new!!  All this hating on each other has gotten us nowhere. So can we start trying something different?  Can we be different?  Can we build an empire for ourselves; so our children and grand children and the youth that’s watching us will be encouraged to do the same? 

I believe in my heart we can!
My sisters, we have what it takes!
We are stronger than what we ever tried to  imagine!
We just have to believe in ourselves, we have to keep each other focused in the right direction. 

My sisters, lets talk! Brainstrom with us.. What can we do together? Your opinion matters to me and to us! 

T.G.M.F.F  Sub-Committees for Q. S. S. 


Sisterhood Mission:
Our mission is to work hand & hand with our sisters of every nationality, every walk of life, for we can build & learn together as One ( Unity)  along with our communities family…Establishing our success through Motivating, Uplifting, Inspiring each other as we build and develop self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-worth and most of all maintaining through our up’s and downs. #WE_ARE_VIRTUOUS 

Donations:  80% of donations goes toward helping low income families, homeless programs, Crisis care baskets, educating our communities with various workshops along with learning how to live healthy. All donation weather it’s from individual or corporate, your donation is 100% tax –deductible                                                                            

Paramount & Positives Of  The #Queens_Sisterhood Society  

1. Our Queens_ Sisterhood Society – We are understanding, compassionate ,we have joyful hearts along with inner peace. We get a chance to share our thoughts truthfully with one another. The Fortunate Sisterhood Society is a peaceful place where we are exceptionally  safe; when the world is on our shoulders and we begin to feels worried, brunt out, stressed  out… Our Sisters in the Fortunate Sisterhood Society, reach out and give the encouragement and uplifting message along with that some hugs and an listening ear, the loud just falls off and the healing begins. 


2. Our Queens_Sisterhood Society- Sisters Empowering Sisters, being accountable for one another, keeping each other focus on the positive path with our family, friends, workplace, home, social world, praying for one another, encouraging and inspiring each other. As queens we have to know and understand our worth before anyone else can. As queens we have to Love ourselves first; before we can understand why someone else loves us. As queens we have to accept ourselves with all our flaws and know that we are not prefect!
(AND THAT’S OK). As queens when we empower each other, we empower the community than our city’s than the state and on to empowering the nation. 


3. Our Queens_Sisterhood Society- Mentoring Our Princesses is one of our highest levels of importance. We are going to intergenerational to grow and continue to inspire a positive social change. Our princess will understand how important they are to themselves and to the world, our princesses will not hesitate when someone ask the question “who are you”? Our princesses response will be, I’m intelligent, I’m knowledgeable, I’m amazing, I’m beautiful, I’m #Worth & #Worthy 


4.Our Queens_Sisterhood Society- Phenomenal Queens.  
We are Unique! We are Intelligent! We are Lovely! We are Beautiful! We are Wise! We are Strong! We are Skillful! We are Awesome  Mothers! We are Great Daughters, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins. We are #Worth_Worthy; We are #Phenomenal_Queens…


See… A sisterhood bond is ….  Trust, Honesty, Love, Respect, Honor, Encouragement, Accountability , Peace, Joy.. 

This Sisterhood Society is a Unity Front where we Never Give Up! A Unity Front that will always encourage our sisters to Never Give Up!


To My Queens… If We Don’t Support Each other as Sisters_Queens who will? 

To My Queens… If We Don’t know our own worth who will? 

To My Queens… If We Don’t realize that time moves forward and not backwards who will? 

To My Queens… Time stops for No One, can We understand that, if not who will? 

To My Queens… We will Keep moving forward together, We will continue breaking down walls that keeps us apart. We will continue to reach for the sky holding each Other hand and not letting GO! 

To My Queens… I’m only one person, ready to Stand In Unity With my Sisters_Queens, But I can’t move mountains by myself I need my Sisters_ Queens and all their Strength  💛💜

Sisterhood Power👑👑

Love Charmaine Fortune…










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